Friday, March 29, 2013

Variete 28.3

R,G, hubby and I went to watch Variete after work yesterday.
Actually R prepared to surprise his gf G with this show becuase it was her birthday last week.
The ticket wasn't cheap, it costs each of us 61 Euro (including a 3-course-meal).

Somehow G found it out and even searched it on the net.
Sometimes I think that G is too silly to tell R that she had actually known his plan and even told R that she could imagine how the shów and the theater look like!
R was so disappointed when he heard that.
If I were G, I will pretend that I knew it for the first time and show the reactions which are expected by a bf who has planned the birthday surprise for such a long time.
Well, sometimes you have to learn how to be an 'intelligent' women when there is a necessity.

But the Variete show was really amazing and fabulous.
I haven't laugh so hard in a long time and I felt so relaxing.
I laughed till I bursted into tears, the magician was such a funny guy and acted like an intelligent idiot. LOL

We entered the theater at around 18:45 and were arranged to sit at one of the best places so that we can have a full view of the stage.
It was a four-person-table and the starter is served after we ordered our drinks (which are not included in the price and should be paid extra)
The starter was palatable greeny pea soup with a few small schrimps.
The main course was crispy fried chicken chop with mashed potatoes.
The meat was succulent but wasn't excellent, taste a bit bland.
After an hour of the show, we had about 15 Minutes rest time and dessert was served directly.
It wasn't what I like...

We went to a bar after the show ended at about 10:30pm and reached home at 1.45am.
We were so tired but still felt happy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A tiring Saturday

Suppose to have a 100 Min chinese lesson with a weirdo on Sat morning, which I was reluctant to do so.
But this girl promised to pay her Feb and March lesson fees, it summed up to 300 Euro and I expected to collect the money by then.
However, she ate her words again, I was really disappointed with her, another cheeky liar!

I refused to continue any lesson with her before she clears her debt.
She started to be nervous and cook up lots of excuses and stories just to cover her shame.
I didnt even want to look into her face, she appeared to be as ugly as witch all of a sudden.
How I wish I can get rid of her as soon as possible!
I found some hypocritical words to "console" her and sent her away.
By the time she left my office, I was so relief although I know I would never collect my 100 Euro and my 15-Euro-Textbook again.

In the afternoon we went skiing with 2 other friends, Roland and Gianni.
My excited mood was all ruined when I failed to hold the tightrope of the Babylift and falled down clumsily with my Ski and heavy Ski shoes.
The worker there didnt even bother to offer me a helping hand and I struggled to stand up like a chicken who is nearly drowned in water!
Real Sucks!
Since then, I lose all my confidence and just refused to continue after I tried twice for about 45 Minutes.
A bad start can ruined all the following activities.
2 bad starts of skiing within 8 years, maybe it simply isn't my thing...

Well, I dont really like this because I wasnt good at all and it was, afterall, not a cheap pleasure.

We dined in an Mexico restaurant and went into bed quite early on Sat night...