Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pearson Brown English Lesson - Phrasal Verb "walk"

These exercises look at the verb ‘to walk’ combined with particles. Here are some of the most common:

‘to walk away’ means to leave an unpleasant situation that is difficult to deal with.

* You are responsible for this. You can’t just walk away.
* Don’t get involved in an argument. Just walk away.

‘to walk in on’ means to enter a room when someone is doing something private or personal.

* They were whispering. I think I walked in on a private conversation.
* He walked in on me when I was getting changed in my office.

to walk into’ means to unexpectedly get involved in something, usually unpleasant.

* I really didn’t see this coming. I just walked straight into it.
* I didn’t realise I was just walking into a trap. He planned it beautifully.

‘to walk into’ can also mean to get a job very easily.

* After university, he just walked into a very good job in the bank.
* Thanks to her father and his connections, she walked into a very well paid job.

‘to walk something off’ means to go for a walk to stop having unpleasant or angry feelings.

* The best thing to do was to go out and walk off my bad mood.
* I had a terrible headache but managed to walk it off.

‘to walk off with’ means to take something without permission or without paying for it.

* When they evacuated the shop, customers walked off with lots of things.
* Kate has just walked off with my sweater and new boots. She’s always doing that.

‘to walk out’ means to leave a meeting or performance before the end to show displeasure.

* He just walked out half way through and left us sitting there.
* Some of the audience walked out during the play, they weren’t enjoying it at all.

‘to walk out’ can also mean workers suddenly go on strike.

* All the technicians in production walked out in support of their pay claim.
* The drivers walked out when they heard that one of them had been sacked.

‘to walk out on’ means to leave someone you have a close relationship with.

* His girlfriend walked out on him after a big argument about money.
* My father walked out on us when I was very young.

‘to walk over’ means to treat someone very badly, especially by telling you what to do all the time.

* He just walks all over her. He does just as he pleases.
* He lets her walk all over him. He never says no to her.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

The night before CNY, as my family members were sitting around the table having great time over the reunion dinner; I sat demurely in my office,patiently waiting for the next student to ring on my door bell.

For some instance, I do regret for not being able to join them.
(Na, the older you are, the more you are burdened with those so-called "responsibilities"!)
However, the presents and messages that I recieved from my family and friends have consoled me and warmed my heart.
Even though I am physically and geographically apart from them, but they never ever forget my existaece.
It is a mercy to be remembered and to be blessed with all of the good words which sent from the bottom of their hearts.

If I am allowed to make a wish during this special occasion, I sincerely wish all of my family members and friends stay healthy and be positive.
Without health, we are just like birds without wings, no matter how beautiful and amazing the world and the preople are, we wouldn't happen to experience them, to learn them, to know them.

My (chinese)new year resolution, hehe:
~ live a happy and healthy life;
~ work hard (and earn more money of course);
~ to be more optimistic and take problems easily;
~ improve and brush up my german and english!